Open Letter to European Baptist Federation

Otniel Bunaciu, President of Romanian Baptist Union, was in the same position in December 2010, when the Council of Romanian Baptist Union revoked ordination as baptist pastor of Iosif Ţon. But the statement doesn’t mention references to any articol of the fundamental documents of Romanian Baptist Union: 1) The Statute and 2) The Baptist Conffesion of Faith.

It was an abuse and a shameful moment in recent history of romanian baptists.

I express my protest for electing of Otniel Bunaciu as President of European Baptist Federation.

Alin Cristea

Editor of blog Evangelical Romania (24.000 posts) and other blogs with evangelical news
Editor for 8 years of electronic magazine Confesionala
Baptist Theology Graduate (Emanuel University of Oradea, 1999)
President of Thymos Association
„The most visibil romanian evangelical on Internet” [as blogger]
„The oldest evangelical journalist on virtual space”


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